Are you looking for ZILLI, Tecknomonster, Seraphin in Tokyo?

Welcome to GINZA HIKO ‘s blog.


We are a men ‘s select shop in Tokyo,Ginza.
There are best menswear we have looked for in Italy and France.
We are introduced as “men’s shop selling the most luxury goods in Japan” from famous Japanese men’s magazine.
You can find luxury items such as ZILLI, Tecknomonster, Seraphin, Alfredo Beretta, Barrett, Rota, Hettabretz, FEDELI etc in our store.


About access to GINZA HIKO

↑  This is a main street in Ginza.  ↑
There are many brand shop.

There are several directions to go to our store,
but in this blog I will introduce the path from the main street.


Our store is on the back street of the street.


Along the main street there is an intersection where Bulgari and Louis Vuitton shops lined up. It is a place where there is a signal called Ginza 2.
Let’s first turn to the road between Bulgari and Louis Vuitton.


You go straight ahead and you will find a parking lot at the first intersection.
Please turn left at that corner.


You go straight ahead and you will see a black building on the right.
It is an annex of the famous stationery store Itoya.
(Itoya ‘s main building is on the main street.)




Our shop is on the second floor of the building next to the Itoya annex.

After entering the building please press “2” at elevator in the inner part of the building.



 Our Shop is Tax-Free Shop.


ZipCode 104-0061
2-8-17 , GINZA Chuo TOKYO
TEL  +81-3-6264-4450



If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
I hope to meet you at our shop !